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Closing Event for the exhibition “Relationship Between Mohri Bushiro and Kurobe” at Kurobe City Art Museum 黒部市美術館「毛利武士郎と黒部」展クロージングイベント

黒部市美術館での展示風景。撮影:柳原良平。Installation view from the exhibition “Relationship Between Mohri Bushiro and Kurobe”. Photography: Ryohei Yanagihara.

Naoko Mabon will be speaking at the closing event of the exhibition “Relationship Between Mohri Bushiro and Kurobe”, jointly organised by the Kurobe City Art Museum and the Coelacanth – Bushiro Mohri Memorial Museum, together with Sachiko Yanagihara (Artist, Coelacanth – Bushiro Mohri Memorial Museum) and Chikako Shakudo (Curator at the Kurobe City Art Museum).

黒部市美術館と「シーラカンス 毛利武士郎記念館」の共催で開催中の「毛利武士郎と黒部」展クロージングイベントに、柳原幸子氏(造形作家、シーラカンス 毛利武士郎記念館)、尺戸智佳子氏(黒部市美術館担当学芸員)とともにメイボン尚子が登壇します。

Rather than a “talk event”, this will be an open dialogue in which the audience is invited to raise various questions related (or not) to the works of Bushiro Mohri, and the speakers will use those questions as starting points to expand the conversation and make connections. Hopefully this event will be an opportunity for all in the space to experience the fascination of Mohri’s work – which makes us realise about the joy of thinking together about the questions, rather than answering the questions.

“Kurobe Art Research vol. 2: 100 Years Since His Birth, Relationship Between Mohri Bushiro and Kurobe”
Closing Event
’From questions to broaden and connect: Bushiro Mohri’
Sunday 25 June 2023, 4:30-5:30pm
Venue: Kurobe City Art Museum Exhibition (25 seats)
Exhibition ticket required (500 yen)

Naoko Mabon (Bushiro Mohri researcher, freelance curator)
Sachiko Yanagihara (Artist, Coelacanth – Bushiro Mohri Memorial Museum)
Chikako Shakudo (Curator, Kurobe City Art Museum)

For further details, please visit Kurobe City Art Museum website.


「Kurobe Art Research vol.2 生誕100年 毛利武士郎と黒部」展
会場|黒部市美術館展示室 (25席程度、立見可能)

柳原幸子 Sachiko Yanagihara(造形作家、シーラカンス 毛利武士郎記念館)
尺戸智佳子 Shakudo Chikako(黒部市美術館学芸員、当企画担当)