WAGON is a conceptual vehicle for the curatorial practice of Naoko Mabon.

Naoko Mabon (b.1982 Fukuoka) is a freelance curator based in Oban, West coast of Scotland. As an immigrant whose body always finds itself ‘in-between translation/mistranslation’, Mabon is interested in the volatile, fluid and fictitious nature of one’s identity, and how we could possibly make relationships with what we see as ‘disparate others’ beyond common ground.

Mabon often works with people across backgrounds, professions and cultures. Through a collaborative approach based on research, experience and conversation, she aims to make diverse forms of projects responding to and reflecting inquiries and urgencies in where and how we live.

Whilst focusing on something open, fair, inviting, yet experimental, challenging, and critical to the particular subject contexts, in- and outside of her professional practice, Mabon cares about and stays to be something small, fragile and slow.

Initiated in summer 2014.

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