WAGON is a metaphorical carrier for the curatorial practice of Naoko Mabon. Initiated in summer 2014.

Naoko Mabon (b. Fukuoka) is a freelance curator in contemporary art currently based in Oban on the West coast of Scotland.

In her curatorial practice, Naoko aims to weave relationships among differences with what we see as “disparate others” beyond common ground. This motivation has been rooted in her own status as an immigrant and ethnic minority with a lived experience of disorientation and in-betweenness as part of a process and consequence of physical movement.

Naoko often works with people from different backgrounds, areas of profession and cultures through a collaborative, shared and actively involved approach.

By being affective, responsive and responsible for the concerns and historically underrepresented voices that are specific to a focused context, locality or community, Naoko challenges traditionally dominant perspectives and narrations. This specifically indicates her intention towards decolonial perspectives and acts, and commitment towards equality and diversity, based on the ongoing collaborative research and practice with fellow curators Rachel Grant and Francesca Zappia grounded in “care ethics”, a feminist approach to ethics.

Being conscious about the power and privilege that she may unintentionally hold as a curator who was born in Japan, Naoko tries to make such a hegemonic structure as flat and plural as possible. In- and outside of the professional practice, in addition, she cares about and continues to be something small, fragile and slow.

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