WAGON is a conceptual vehicle for the curatorial practice of Naoko Mabon.

Naoko Mabon is a freelance curator based in Oban, Scotland. She was born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan. As an immigrant whose body always finds itself ‘in-between translation/mistranslation’, Naoko is interested in the volatility and fluidity of one’s identity, and how we could possibly make relationships with what we see as ‘others’ beyond common ground.

Whilst the metaphor within a particular type of vehicle suggests its characteristics of small capacity, manual operation, and slow speed, WAGON carries ideas in its wheels which bring different points of view to our daily life.

WAGON finds an absolute joy in meeting, thinking, discussing and working together with people across backgrounds, professions and cultures. These learning processes, every now and then, are realised in different shapes of artistic projects or exhibitions. Through transcultural, site-specific and collaborative approach towards the practice, WAGON aims to be open, honest and inviting, yet experimental, challenging, and critical to the particular subject contexts.

Initiated in summer 2014.

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