Naoko Mabon is a facilitator of educational workshops. If you are interested in hosting following workshops, please feel free to contact

1. Climate Fresk

Collaborative and creative workshop to learn about climate change and empower actions.

In the face of a climate emergency, knowing climate science is key to understanding how disruption has been happening and taking effective actions against it. Climate Fresk is a workshop based on collective intelligence, aiming to engage people on climate change. Based on a 42-card game developed from the scientific reports of IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), Climate Fresk explains the complex links between causes and consequences of climate change in a playful and collaborative way, and empowers actions. The association of Climate Fresk is based in France (est.2018 by Cédric Ringenbach) with over 10,000 facilitators globally now.

The regular version for adults (over 14 year old) takes 3 hours. Suggested participant number is 4-8 people . Required item is a large table (1 x 2m surface space is ideal). Naoko is PVG checked.

2. Kite-Making Workshop

Around 2-4 hours fun and hands-on workshop. Suitable for children (5 years above).

In the workshop, each participant makes a kite with paper, wood and string. The focus can be on scientific aspect of wind, wildlife that uses wind, etc. In previous workshop, participants learned a little bit about the origin of kite and tradition of kite-flying in different parts of the world, as well as the science behind wind and how something heavier than the air can fly into the sky.

If weather permits, the workshop can end with flying the resulting kites and participants can take their kites home.