Japanese-English Translation

As someone who was born in Japan who has over two decades of commitment in the creative sector in the UK, Naoko Mabon has experience in helping creative practitioners and organisations for Japanese-English translation in various materials and settings such as emails, biography, documents, and both on- and off-line events. All of this work is done in a professional and timely manner.

If you are looking for support in Japanese-English translation, please get in touch through this form.

Selected work as a translator, mediator or interpreter:

Please Come Yesterday exhibition catalogue, Suisei-Art (2022) – www.sankibunko.com
A mirage. exhibition catalogue, Kurobe City Art Museum (2021) – www.mirage.yamashita-kobayashi.com
Travel Dialogue Form, discussion event with Tomoko Konoike and Mayako Murai, as part of Neighbouring programme for Glasgow International (2021) – www.thedrouth.org
• Shizuoka City Museum of Art, annual exhibition schedule (2020, 21, 22) – www.shizubi.jp
• Mari Katayama’s solo exhibition, White Rainbow (2019) – www.white-rainbow.art
• Japan Quality, magazine and website articles (2018-present) – www.chilchinbito-hiroba.jp/japanquality/
• Tatsuo Kawaguchi’s solo exhibition catalogue, Sankibunko (2016) – www.sankibunko.com
• CONCEPT SPACE – www.conceptspace.jp
• Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival – www.d-codex.asia/fdff
• Rosie Sugden, textile designer – www.rosiesugden.com
• Elizabeth Ogilvie, environmental artist – www.outofice.org.uk / www.elizabethogilvie.com
• Karen Mabon, designer – www.karenmabon.com