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Climate Fresk on Iona

Naoko Mabon is facilitating a Climate Fresk workshop on Iona. At the Iona Village Hall on Thursday 16 June 2022, 2pm. It is a free, 2-hour workshop, best suited for people over 14 years of age. Place is limited (up to 8 people) – please book here.

Organisational support generously given by Heinz Toller and Iona Village Hall Community Trust. Supported and delivered by SCAN and Engage Scotland.

Climate Fresk is a participatory and creative workshop of collective intelligence that aims to engage people on climate change. Based on a 42-card game developed from the IPCC reports, this workshop explains the complex links between causes and consequences of climate change, and empowers actions. For more on the Climate Fresk, please click here.

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Climate Fresk with TYCI at Timespan

Naoko Mabon is running a Climate Fresk workshop with the youth club programme at Timespan in Helmsdale. On Thursday 21 April, a day before Earth Day 2022. This activity is supported by the Mandate Climate Action Fund of SCAN and Engage Scotland.

Climate Fresk is a participatory and creative workshop of collective intelligence that aims to engage people on climate change. Based on a 42-card game developed from the IPCC reports, this workshop explains the complex links between causes and consequences of climate change, and empowers actions. For more on the Climate Fresk, please click here.

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Tomoko Konoike: Storytelling Table Runner for Japan Quality and The Drouth

Naoko Mabon contributed a text on Tomoko Konoike’s Storytelling Table Runner project to Japan Quality magazine (web version). The text is based on Naoko’s experience as a translator/mediator in the June-2021 event featuring the project as part of Neighbouring programme of Glasgow International. 

The same text has been also featured in The Drouth, the host platform of the Neighbouring programme. 

Warmest thanks go to: Akane Nakamori at Suisei-Art; Japan Quality magazine; Tomoko Konoike; Mayako Murai; Yuko Shoji; Johnny Rodger at The Drouth; Glasgow International; and all the event organisers and participants namely: Mónica Laiseca; Carol Dunn; Jessica Holdengarde; Megan Lucille Boettcher; and Stefanie Cheong.

To read the piece in the Japan Quality, please click here.
To read the piece in The Drouth, please click here

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Heritage Horizon: Oban Heritage of Colours

Undertaken by Naoko Mabon (curator) and Deborah Gray (textile artist), Oban Heritage of Colours explores the dyeing and growing heritage of Oban, and the origins and heritage of the dye plants growing in the Dye Garden at The Rockfield Centre, Oban. The project is culminated with an interactive digital map of historical growing sites, a collection of writings and pictures of dye plants at the Dye Garden, a natural dyeing workshop and a future potential for guided walks. Presented by The Rockfield Centre in Oban as part of Heritage Horizon programme of CHArts with support from Scottish Power Foundation.

For more on the project, please visit: www.therockfieldcentre.org.uk/heritageofcolours

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Scotland and Japan Conference

Naoko Mabon together with Ilana Halperin will present what has been brought out from our collaborations to date between Scotland and Japan in the “Scotland and Japan Conference”. This two-day international conference on 10-11 February has been organised by the Scottish Society for Art History (SSAH) in partnership with The National Museum of Japanese History among all other colleagues and experts.

For more on the conference and to book a ticket, please click here.

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Mandate Climate Action Fund

Naoko Mabon among other creative practitioners has been awarded the Mandate Climate Action Fund, delivered in partnership between SCAN & Engage Scotland and supported by Creative Scotland. The fund is designed to help SCAN and Engage members undertake training with a climate or sustainability focus, develop creative activity with a sustainability focus or acquire materials that support climate adaptation in their creative practice.

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“Not From Here” – Sluice Magazine Autumn 2021

Naoko Mabon has contributed to Not From Here, Sluice magazine’s Autumn 2021 issue. To respond to the theme of the issue “immigrants”, Naoko wrote a text around the 2018 project in São Paulo entitled Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan, which explored the identity of Nipo-Brazilian, developed through a process and consequence of the physical movement of people (featured work by: Juliana Kase; Takanori Suga; Detanico Lain; Satoshi Hashimoto; Hikaru Fujii).

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Naoko Mabon has been invited to be one of the panels in the reflection event “TOTEM LATAMAT and COP26”, exploring the meaning of the totem’s journey to COP26, and its presence at The Hidden Gardens in Glasgow.

TOTEM LATAMAT by Totonac artist Jun Tiburcio, has travelled over 9000km from Mexico to the UK to finally get to Glasgow, for the duration of COP26 and will be in The Hidden Gardens between 28 October – 14 November.

A panel from Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds, who have different but complementary perspectives on Climate Change, will explore the meaning of the totem’s journey to COP26, and its presence at The Hidden Gardens. This will be an engaging and lively conversation, that will enable reflections post COP26.

To book your free ticket, please visit the Eventbrite page.

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Torry Ecomuseum Project Celebratory Open Day: Exhibition and Coastal Walk

Join Torry Ecomuseum Project‘s celebratory open day involving an exhibition and a coastal walk to mark the completion of the 2021 edition of the project.

  • Exhibition 12-4pm (opening remarks 12pm)
  • Coastal Walk at 12.30pm (approx.2.5h walk)

Everyone is welcome to attend this free event, but the place is limited so booking is essential through Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/torry-ecomuseum-project-celebratory-open-day-exhibition-and-coastal-walk-tickets-191445848687

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CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones Residency

Naoko Mabon has been invited to conduct this year’s CLIMAVORE: On Tidal Zones Residency. Click here for more details.

✳︎“How can we collaboratively activate the intertidal zones as a forum for critically thinking about and taking actions towards the climate crisis?”

✳︎“How can we approach, understand and share the complex ecology, stories, heritage and challenges around the intertidal zones in an inclusive way?”

As part of the new On Tidal Zones Residency launched by Skye-based ATLAS Arts and CLIMAVORE of Cooking Sections, Oban-based curator Naoko Mabon will explore these questions through a practice-led action research in her own locale during the summer 2021.

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“Neighbouring in Deep Time” for The Drouth

Naoko Mabon was commissioned by The Drouth to write a piece on the ongoing project Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) in relation to their Neighbouring project (15-18 June 2021 as part of Glasgow International).

My warmest thanks go to: The Drouth, Prof. Johnny Rodger, Ilana Halperin and all our Japanese and Scottish collaborators. To read Naoko’s piece please click here.

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“Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi)” Book Launch Event 「イラナ・ハルペリン:ロックサイクル(ヤマグチ)」アーティストブック完成記念イベント

Join us for a talk and discussion to celebrate the launch of the new publication “Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi)”. 10.30am (BST) Saturday 1st May 2021 via Zoom (English language). Hosted by The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness on Orkney. Free, book here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ilana-halperin-the-rock-cycle-yamaguchi-book-launch-event-tickets-149852423633

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Torry Ecomuseum Project トリー・エコミュージアム・プロジェクト

Photographs by: David Fryer (Cave of Red Rocks, and Girdle Ness Lighthouse); Yvette Bathgate (summer swim, and screenshot from video of dolphin jump); Jake Shepherd (rest during a coastal walk); Naoko Mabon (Victoria Bridge with a rowing boat on River Dee)

It is delighted to announce that Torry Ecomuseum Project, for which WAGON is a part of the management team, has been launched on Saturday 23rd January 2021. You can watch the virtual launch event (via Facebook Live) here.
WAGONが企画運営に関わる「トリー・エコミュージアム・プロジェクト」2021年1月23日にスタートしました。Facebook Live経由で行われたオープン記念のバーチャルイベントはこちらでご覧いただけます。

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Attempts in Nameless Days × WAGON

Snap from the field workshop led by Keijiro Suzuki. At Akiyoshidai Plateau in Mine City of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. On the 24th of February in 2019, 3-4pm. As part of Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) project

WAGON is delighted to announce that, together with the Yamaguchi-based artist Keijiro Suzuki, we have launched a new relational community project Attempts in Nameless Days × WAGON. The first task is: ”Take a picture of the full moon and share it”. Please feel free to participate by sharing your full moon photo here.

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Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) イラナ・ハルペリン:ロックサイクル(ヤマグチ)

Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi)
A cross-disciplinary project between Yamaguchi and Scotland

自然科学×現代美術 リサーチとアウトリーチによる
「イラナ・ハルペリン:ロックサイクル(ヤマグチ)− 山口とスコットランドをつなぐ領域横断プロジェクト」

(Beautiful flyer designed by Graphical House – thank you!)

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国際交流基金サンパウロ日本文化センターによるインタビュー | Entrevista da Fundação Japão São Paulo | Interview by Japan Foundation Sao Paulo

国際交流基金サンパウロ日本文化センターの副所長・山雄起さんによる「Kyojitsu-Hiniku − 日本の皮膚と肉体のはざま」展のインタビューが掲載されました。
Entrevista extensiva de Yuki Yama, da Japan Foundation Sao Paulo, sobre o projeto ‘Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Sob A Pele – Sobre A Carne Do Japão’, no ano passado, para os 110 anos de Imigração Japonesa no Brasil.
Extensive interview by Yuki Yama of Japan Foundation Sao Paulo on ‘Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan’ project last year for The 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil.

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Participatory Performative Workshop by Satoshi Hashimoto, as part of Free Association

Satoshi Hashimoto ‘Watching Movies with Ropes’ 2018, ropes, video monitor, audience. Hans & Fritz Contemporary, Barcelona.

Curator Naoko Mabon will be hosting Free Association’s November session. Naoko has invited Tokyo based artist, activist, curator and researcher Satoshi Hashimoto to hold an audience-participatory performative workshop within the cinema at CCA.

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‘Nice to See You Again?’ – Stories and Tea with Naoko Mabon and Sayuri Kida

An afternoon event of stories and Japanese tea. Two Japan-born creative practitioners – Aberdeen-based curator Naoko Mabon and Tokyo-based writer Sayuri Kida, who is currently residing in Edinburgh – will host and share stories that draw on their experience and reflect the essence and focus of the exhibition ‘Treasure’ by Stacey Hunter at The Suttie Arts Space of Grampian Hospitals Art Trust. Specifically, they will speak about the hospitable, generous, sharing, and caring gesture and form in Japanese culture. The stories will be followed by sharing Japanese tea and sweets with the audience.

All the elements within this event will be a reflection of the idea of ‘Ichi-go Ichi-e’. This is a concept developed through Japanese tea ceremony practice, describing the idea that ”the moment we share with particular people at a particular place is unique, and never comes back again”.

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Aberdeen // Yubari

Daniel Isaac Jimenez, Miami, FL

’Aberdeen // Yubari’ is a new printmaking project connecting the community and context of two cities built around energy – Aberdeen, Scotland and Yubari, Japan.

「アバディーン // 夕張」は石油・ガスの街として栄えてきたスコットランド・アバディーンと、炭鉱の町として栄えた北海道・夕張市という遠く離れた二都市をつなぐ版画制作プロジェクトです。

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The Curator’s Workshop: Shadow Curator

The Curator’s Workshop is a monthly discussion group, run by Glasgow-based curator Francesca Zappia, open to curators, artists, writers, researchers, students and other arts professionals as well as amateurs interested in a critical reflection around curatorial practices (exhibitions, displays, discursive and performative forms, public engagement…) and related theory. The Curator’s Workshop aims to be a platform open to different perspectives of research and will invite a new professional each month to share material and reflections in order to foster new discussions.

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SONIC // ART // BOTANICAL GARDEN – Artist talk by I Chen Lai & audio performance by Silent Chaos

Artist talk by I Chen Lai & audio performance by Silent Chaos

Coordinated by WAGON

Date: Saturday 1st June 2019
Time: 3.30-5.00pm
Venue: Education Room (next to the Japanese Garden), David Welch Winter Gardens, Duthie Park (AB11 7TH)

Inviting different artistic practices and approaches, this event aims to revisit the concept and space of botanical garden. We also hope to develop the experimental capacity of the creative scene in Aberdeen.

Free, anyone welcome. Refreshments provided (**this is a free event but since all involved are independent practitioners, donations are welcome and greatly appreciated. You can make a donation here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sonic-art-botanical-garden-by-i-chen-lai-silent-chaos-tickets-61430142209)

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“Seats at a round table” for LUX Scotland

Naoko Mabon was commissioned by LUX Scotland to write a piece reflecting on On Sharing, Separations, an evening event between artist Tako Taal and curator Seán Elder. The event was held last November at W OR M of Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, as part of LUX Scotland’s pilot programme of events in Aberdeen, supported by Aberdeen City Council’s Creative Funding Programme.

Thank you LUX Scotland, Tako and Sean for this wonderful opportunity.
To read Naoko’s piece please click here.

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Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi)

WAGON is delighted to announce The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi), a new cross-disciplinary international project with Glasgow-based artist Ilana Halperin between Yamaguchi/Japan and Scotland/UK.

この度 WAGON はグラスゴー在住のアーティスト、イラナ・ハルペリンとともに山口とスコットランドをつなぐ領域横断プロジェクト「ロックサイクル(ヤマグチ)」を行います。

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Bushiro Mohri for Japan Quality

Naoko Mabon contributed a writing piece on a Japanese sculptor Bushiro Mohri (1923-2004) for the website of JAPAN Quality magazine.

Warmest thanks go to Akane Nakamori, JAPAN Quality, Asuka Mohri, Masaki Yanagihara, Sachiko Yanagihara, Ryouhei Yanagihara, Coelacanth – Bushiro Mohri Memorial Museum, Concept Space, Satoshi Mouri, and Leslie Mabon.

To read the piece, please click here.

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Work by Takanori Suga to Sports Center Kokushikan Daigaku of Bunkyo in São Roque of São Paulo

Thanks to the generous support and advice from the Sculptor Yutaka Toyota and Osamu Matsuo of Bunkyo, we just delivered work by Takanori Suga A Blank Sign “Dripping Project in São Paulo” to the Sports Center Kokushikan Daigaku in São Roque of São Paulo. Thank you so much to all the people who gave us warm support and advice towards the production, storage – and future re-installing. We very much look forward to seeing this piece in the near future.

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Photos and press coverage: ‘Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan’

Contemporary art exhibition for 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil
Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan

7 – 23 September 2018
Pavilhão Japonês, Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil

Juliana Kase | Takanori Suga | Detanico Lain | Satoshi Hashimoto | Hikaru Fujii

– Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture and Social Services (BUNKYO)

– 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil;
– Consulate General of Japan in Sao Paulo;
– The Japan Foundation, São Paulo.

– 9 September (Sun) 3pm: Event by Satoshi Hashimoto
– 15 September (Sat) 2pm: Dance Performance by Danilo Silveira
– 15 September (Sat) 3-5pm: Artist Talk by Juliana Kase
– 22 September (Sat) 2pm: Dance + Sound Performance by Beatriz Sano and They-Group
– 22 September (Sat) 3-5pm: Artist Talk by Takanori Suga
– 23 September (Sun) 4pm: Sound-visual performance by Rodrigo Amor Experimental and Evandro Nicolau

Installation shots:

Installation view of the exhibition ‘Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan’ at Pavilhão Japonês, Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo. Installation shot: Fernando Lima.

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‘Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan’ – Exhibition for 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil

WAGON is thrilled to announce its new project Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan, a contemporary art exhibition dedicated to 110 Years of Japanese Immigration in Brazil. The exhibition features works by Juliana Kase, Takanori Suga, Detanico Lain, Satoshi Hashimoto and Hikaru Fujii at the Pavilhão Japonês in the Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Brazil.

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Finding sharing event: recent trip to Japan

Aberdeen-based Japanese independent curator Naoko Mabon will share findings and experience from her recent trip to Japan. This includes a new development of artist exchange projects in Aberdeen between Yubari-city and Nagasaki-city in Japan. This event is primarily for Peacock Visual Arts’ Associate members but the door is open for anyone who is interested in the topic.

19 June 2018, 4.30–5.30pm
W OR M (11 Castle Street, Aberdeen AB11 5BQ)
Facebook event page

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YICA’s 20th anniversary and lecture by Alan Johnston

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of YICA (Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Arts), Alan Johnston gave a lecture on his artistic journey from a viewpoint of his 30 year relationship with Yamaguchi. It was held on 19th May 2018 at Saiko-tei, a cultural museum with a beautiful garden which used be a high-end Japanese restaurant. Naoko Mabon was involved as an interpreter.

All image courtesy: YICA (Yamaguchi Institute of Contemporary Arts)

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