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“COP” & “Oban’s Climate Future” window display with Renuka Ramanujam for Oban Youth Cafe Project

Over the 1st and 2nd of November, at the beginning of COP26, Renuka Ramanujam (artist/designer/writer) and Naoko Mabon (curator) have created the “COP” and “Oban’s Climate Future” window display at Oban Youth Cafe Project.

The display is laying out what was discussed during the discussions of “What the COP?” screenings held 27th – 30th October at Oban Phoenix Cinema (hosted by Oban Youth Cafe with support from Dr Leslie Mabon, as part of Take One Action Film Festivals initiative).

To mark the completion of the window display, Romain Hamet, a climate activist who is visiting Oban before heading down to COP26 in Glasgow has given a Climate Fresk workshop to the Oban community, which is based on collective intelligence about climate change.

Climate Fresk is a collective intelligence workshop dedicated to understanding the causes and consequences of climate changes, as the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) presents it. The game is based on 42 cards and is meant to make participants exchange and discuss to find out the big picture, then having some creativity with the newly drawn Fresk and eventually talk about possible actions.