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Towards the Water Folio

Honoured to be invited to be part of “Towards the Water – Ecotone” Folio, conceived by Deirdre MacKenna and produced by Cultural Documents for the Dunoon Burgh Hall COP26 Season, with funding from Creative Scotland.

I contributed an image from one of the “On Tidal Zones” open sessions in Oban with a short text based on the three key points emerged through my intertidal research/activities that were shared and explored in the final sharing event in Staffin, Skye: “activation”, “participation” and “regenerative practice”. (On Tidal Zones residency was hosted by ATLAS Arts and CLIMAVORE in summer 2021)

“towards the water – ecotone”
Exploring the challenges of Argyll’s environmental stewardship during COP26
31 October – 14 November 2021
Dunoon Burgh Hall

An exhibition at Dunoon Burgh Hall and online with images and texts by
・Nina Bacos and Anna Bokström
・Joseph Beuys and Richard Demarco
・Laura Donkers
・Naoko Mabon
・Deirdre MacKenna
・Alexander and Susan Maris
・JMW Turner and William Miller
・Seawilding and Philip Price
・Susannah Rose
・Roc Sandford
・Caroline Younger

You can view the folios through Cultural Documents website.

Also Dunoon Burgh Hall is posting each day with one of the contributions for the Folio on their Facebook page.