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Naoko Mabon is invited to give a talk in Atlas Arts‘s new lunchtime talk series, on Tuesday 2nd of February 1 pm. Naoko will talk about her practice with her current and new colleagues.

Naoko Mabon (b. 1982, Fukuoka, Japan) is a freelance curator currently based in Oban on the West coast of Scotland. Within the practice, Naoko often works with people from different backgrounds, areas of profession and cultures through a collaborative, experience-based and actively involved approach. By trying to be affective, responsive and responsible for the concerns and historically underrepresented voices that are specific to a focused context, locality or community, she challenges traditionally dominant perspectives and narrations.

In the first half of this talk, Naoko will introduce her previous projects that she made collaboratively across different locations: Scotland; Japan; Taiwan and Brazil.

In the second half, taking the ongoing Torry Ecomuseum Project as an entrance point, Naoko will welcome her current and new colleagues to the conversation, exploring different activities and approaches towards community, environment and tangible/intangible heritage across localities under the “ecomuseum” framework. Naoko will be joined by: Angus Murray, (Project Manager of Druim nan Linntean | Skye Ecomuseum); David Fryer (Trustee, Old Torry Community Centre, Aberdeen); and Manami Sato (Director, Shimizusawa Project, Yubari).

Recorded talks will also be broadcast in partnership with Radio Skye.

More on the event, please visit Atlas Arts’ website.