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“Not From Here” – Sluice Magazine Autumn 2021

Naoko Mabon has contributed to Not From Here, Sluice magazine’s Autumn 2021 issue. To respond to the theme of the issue “immigrants”, Naoko wrote a text around the 2018 project in São Paulo entitled Kyojitsu-Hiniku: Between the Skin and the Flesh of Japan, which explored the identity of Nipo-Brazilian, developed through a process and consequence of the physical movement of people (featured work by: Juliana Kase; Takanori Suga; Detanico Lain; Satoshi Hashimoto; Hikaru Fujii).

メイボン尚子が『Sluice』誌の2021年秋号「Not From Here」に寄稿しました。「移民」というテーマに応え、2018年にサンパウロで行ったプロジェクト「虚実皮膜 − 日本の皮膚と肉体のはざま」にまつわる文章を寄せました。当プロジェクトでは人の物理的な移動の過程と結果によって成された「ニポ・ブラジリアン」という流動的なアイデンティティを探求しました(参加アーティスト:加瀬丹野ジュリアナ、菅隆紀、デタニコ・レイン、橋本聡、藤井光。 )。


Sluice magazine

Not From Here

We are cleaved (both meanings) by our biological, geographical and assorted group classifications, at turns by cultural essentialism and constructivism. These forces play into ideas of belonging, of who gets to belong and what belonging entails. At the UK Conservative party conference in 2016 Theresa May infamously stated that “if you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” The struggle to define oneself in a new country, to constructively criticise it, to integrate whilst also retaining connections to one’s heritage and points of differentiation, to want society and power structures to, in some way, reflect us is what each contributor to this issue is wrestling with.

The immigrant experience is here pulled at from various different perspectives – not all of them comfortable – but what each of them has is the veracity of being first-hand experiences. The title of this edition is lifted from Alice Procter’s piece Colonial Aphasia ‘..realistically, practically, London is my home, but there’s a splinter in my heart, a stabbing need to remember and remind that I’m Not From Here’.

Katya Grokhovsky (Ukraine – Australia – USA)
Alice Procter (Australia – Hong Kong – UK)
Yu’an Huang (Taiwan – UK – Germany)
Hanaa Malallah (Iraq – France – UK)
Jim Ricks (USA – Ireland – Mexico)
Naoko Mabon (Japan – Scotland)
Alice Máselníková (Czech Republic – Sweden)
Mohini Chandra (Fiji – UK)
Alistair Gentry (Felixstow – London)

Dimensions: (h x w) 280 x 210 mm
Extent 80 pp
Paper Type 120gsm

Paper Type 250gsm
Perfect Bound

ISSN 9772398839005

Print-run: 500
Published: December 2021

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