Celtic Colours / Dathan Ceilteach

Come join us for the exhibition, Celtic Colours: Exploring Local Language through Natural Dyes and Pigments

5 Feb-2 Apr 2023
Open everyday 10am-4pm
Silver Birch Gallery at The Rockfield Centre, Oban

Launch Event: Saturday 4th February, 6pm-8pm

Dathan Ceilteach: A’ Rannsachadh Cànain an Àite tro Dhathan is Lithean Nàdarra

Cinn-là an Taisbeanaidh: Didòmhnaich 5 Gearran gu Didòmhnaich 2 Giblean
Àite: Gailearaidh na Beithe; Ionad Achadh na Creige, An t-Òban
Fosgailte 10m. gu 4f., A h-uile latha

Tachartas fosglaidh: Disathairne 4 Gearran, 6f. gu 8.f

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Attempts in Nameless Days × WAGON

Snap from the field workshop led by Keijiro Suzuki. At Akiyoshidai Plateau in Mine City of Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. On the 24th of February in 2019, 3-4pm. As part of Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) project

WAGON is delighted to announce that, together with the Yamaguchi-based artist Keijiro Suzuki, we have launched a new relational community project Attempts in Nameless Days × WAGON. The first task is: ”Take a picture of the full moon and share it”. Please feel free to participate by sharing your full moon photo here.

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Photos: ‘Mediated Existence’ Exhibition

Mediated Existence
Joseph Calleja // I-Che(r)n Lai // Katie Paterson
21 October – 2 November 2016 at sleeper
To view more on the project, please click here.

Works by Joseph Calleja and I-Che(r)n Lai:
Courtesy of the artists

Works by Katie Paterson (image number: 1-4, 9 and 10):
[left and right] Courtesy of the Artist and Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh
[middle] Courtesy of the Artist and Collection SimonPaul

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