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Kite-making workshop on the Isle of Mull

On 5 February 2022, Naoko Mabon run a kite-making workshop on the Isle of Mull. Organised by Emily Wilkins of the Mull and Iona Ranger Service, and hosted by Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkampy of Knockvologan Studies.

In the workshop, each participant made a kite taking an inspiration from wind and creatures that use wind. We learned a little bit about the origin of kite and tradition of kite-flying in different parts of the world, as well as the science behind wind and how something heavier than the air can fly into the sky.

Sadly we couldn’t fly the finished kites due to the high wind, which was beyond Beaufort 7, but had such a lovely learning day. Thank you very much Eva, Oscar, Molly, Kirsty, Mhairi, Hector and Kirsty for joining and Emily, Miek and Rutger for organising and hosting the day.