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The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) at Orkney International Science Festival

As part of this year’s Orkney International Science Festival, there will be an afternoon of activities focusing on the exhibition The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) at The Pier Arts Centre on Saturday 3 September, 2.00-4.30pm.

Ilana Halperin: The Rock Cycle (Yamaguchi) is a cross-disciplinary project connecting Yamaguchi, in Japan, and Orkney, curated by Naoko Mabon. The exhibition features new works from Halperin, developed both in Japan and Scotland, alongside thematically resonant works by Yamaguchi-based artists Yoshihisa Nakano and Keijiro Suzuki.

The event involves talks from Halperin and geologist Dr John Flett Brown, as well as exhibition tour with artists and “wind” themed field workshop by Suzuki. The admission for the event is £10 and spaces are limited, so booking is essential through the Orkney International Science Festival website: https://oisf.org/fest-event/the-rock-cycle-yamaguchi/