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A to/from B – a year-long silent conversation


WAGON is delighted to announce its very first curatorial project A to/from B, a year-long art/cultural interchange project launched on the 1st September 2014.

The project invites two contemporary artists – one from overseas and the other based locally (Aberdeen) – to a collaborative exhibition with each other in Aberdeen in September 2015. The invited artists, however, share nothing in common and are given no information about each other to begin with. The only thing they know is that the invited artists have different cultural backgrounds, and in a year’s time, they will be meeting and collaboratively making an art exhibition in Aberdeen.

Prior to their meeting and exhibition in September 2015, the artists are making a lengthways ‘silent conversation’ via an online platform a-to-from-b.tumblr.com for a year from the 1st September 2014 to the 31st August 2015. This will operate as a simple visual image correspondence – only posting one visual image at a time in response to each other’s image in turn. No language or textual communication is used.

By using a format where only the most minimal communication is possible, A to/from B aims to explore how interactions with unknown others/locations can come to shape our own ideas and thought processes. It also aims to provoke a discussion on how our aesthetic perspective can change or stay the same as a result of intellectual/physical interchanges with others whose culture or background is foreign to us.

A to/from B – a year-long silent conversation
Date: 12 September – 3 October 2015
Opening reception: Friday 11 September 2015, 6-8pm
Venue: Seventeen (17 Belmont Street, Aberdeen AB10 1JR)

Discussion Event: Cultural Interchange Beyond Languages and Locations
Date: Saturday 12 September 2015, 2-4pm
Venue: Seventeen
All welcome
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