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Torry Ecomuseum Project “Torry-Yubari Exchange” Second Season トリー・エコミュージアム・プロジェクト「トリーと夕張の交流」第二季

Torry Ecomuseum Project “Torry-Yubari Exchange” Second Season

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The theme of the second season is “Local trees and plants and their relationship.” At a critical moment of energy transition due to the changing climate, this season’s exchange explores tangible and intangible cultural heritage of each locality through the role and value of trees and plants growing in the area.

Every few weeks, one community member each from Torry and Yubari is invited to share their perspective. (Torry participants are from the tree-planting session held in November 2022.)

The twinning relation between Yubari, a former coal mining city, and Torry/Aberdeen, known as an oil and gas city, began in 2018 through activities of Naoko Mabon (curator) and Manami Sato (Shimizusawa Project), to connect two cities with a similar energy-related narrative.

*The management of the second season of Torry-Yubari Exchange is kindly supported by the Coastal Communities Fund from Aberdeen City Council.



アバディーン・トリーと夕張間の交流は、炭鉱のまちとして栄えた夕張市と、石油・ガスのまちとして栄えてきたアバディーン市という2つのまちを、エネルギーにまつわる共通の物語でつなぐ試みとしてメイボン尚子(キュレーター)と一般社団法人 清水沢プロジェクト 代表・佐藤真奈美の協働活動を通して2018年に始まりました。

*トリーと夕張の交流・第二季の運営は、アバディーン市のCoastal Communities Fundのサポートを受け行っています。