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8h is a new, small, slow and domestic project involving three independent art practitioners and three locations with 8h time difference between.

8h will be collectively developed through a series of exchanges and correspondences between I-Chern Lai, Naoko Mabon and Fiona Yun-Jui Chang, over the course of one year from the 1st of January to 31st of December in 2019.

8h aims to create three resulting simultaneous exhibitions at three domestic environments where each participant lives and works. These domestic environments are located in three different cities spread across the world with a 8 hour difference between them – Taipei in Taiwan (GMT+8, Lai); Aberdeen in Scotland (GMT, Mabon); and Los Angeles in United States of America (GMT-8, Chang).

8h has the following three strands of exchange by post:

– Letter in a notebook (Lai —> Mabon —> Chang)
– Renga (collective poem in a format of syllables) on a paper (Mabon —> Lai —> Chang)
– Multiple exposure photographs with 35mm film (collaboratively shot by Chang, Lai, and Mabon)

A series of images relating to the exchanges will be posted and shared on a digital platform of Instagram with hashtag ‘#8hproject’ throughout the project period.

1st January 2019